Classroom Curriculum

Kindergarten Handbook



We will be using leveled books in our guided reading groups to teach the three cueing systems for decoding words: phonics (connecting sounds to letters), syntax (grammar), and semantics (meaning of words).  In class we will be doing a fair amount of close reading. Close reading is the thoughtful, critical analysis of a text. We will be responding to fiction books by discussing and writing about the characters, setting, events, problem, solution, and main idea. Your children will also learn to understand the author’s message or moral of the story. We will discuss vocabulary and spelling patterns in our guided reading groups and during whole class reads. Non-fiction texts will also be used in class. Your children will learn to use the information from the texts they read to answer questions about the texts. Our goal is for your children to go in-depth and truly understand what they are reading.

Reading Homework

Your children should be reading (or listening to) at least one picture book or chapter every day. We want your children to learn to love reading. The best way to ensure that happens is for you to read with your child at home daily. We do not send home leveled reading material for your child unless we feel your child needs specific additional practice. If you need book suggestions, we are happy to help.


Your children will be participating in the Every Child a Writer (ECaW) writing program. This program consists of direct writing instruction, independent practice, and editing. The children will also have a free write journal in class where they can do free choice writing and drawing on a daily basis. We will also be responding to the texts we read in class in our writing and drawings.


We will be teaching the Everyday Math curriculum. This curriculum is based on the National Council on Teaching Mathematics (NCTM) standards. 


That's right, play. We think play is essential to a child's development and thus there will be many opportunities for play throughout the day. Our classrooms have many different types of manipulatives (building blocks, magnet tiles, Lego, Play-Do, etc.) for your children to use and enjoy. We will be going outside for play everyday unless it is too cold or raining heavily. Please make sure your child is dressed in appropriate clothing.


We have iPads in our classrooms that students will use on a daily basis. Your children will work on reading, science/social studies, or mathematics programs during technology time in class. 

Science Topics:

Metals, Fabrics, and Plastics

Roll, Bounce, Spin, or Slide

You Are My Sunshine

We Go Together

Social Studies Topics:
Civics: Participation of Citizens
History: Comparing My Story to Your Story
Economics: Yours, Mine, and Ours
Geography: Different Places, Different Ways to Live

"Take a Break" Stations

We have "Take a Break" stations where students can go if they are feeling overwhelmed or just need to recharge for a few minutes. The "Take a Break"  stations have sensory objects, noise-cancelling headphones, sand timers, and mirrors for self-reflection.

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