Staff List

Please remember that teachers cannot easily check their voice mail during the instructional day and most do not have voicemail. Leave urgent messages with the office staff at 303-982-8014.


Position Name Voicemail Email  
Principal Ingrid Mielke 303-982-8034 [email protected]  

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten Lesley Cantrell   [email protected]  website 
K/1st Literacy Specialist Alie Farrell   [email protected]  
1st Grade Lizzie London
[email protected]  website 
1st Grade Julia Davis   [email protected]  
2nd Grade  Katie Offerman
[email protected]  website 
2nd Grade Sara Quintero   [email protected]  
3rd Grade  Kelly Area
[email protected]  website 
3rd Grade Kelley Lehman 303-982-8032 [email protected]  website 
3rd Grade Leslie Spinney-Reed   [email protected]  
4th Grade  Kris Holden
[email protected]  website 
4th Grade Greg Dorsey 303-982-8027 [email protected]  website 
5th Grade Tony Fiore
[email protected]  website 
5th Grade  Caren Matteucci
[email protected]  website 


Art Ashley Bullard
[email protected]   
Music Greg Clough
PE Heidi Schuette
[email protected]  website 
Digital Teacher Librarian Anne Stylianou 303-982-5901 [email protected]  website 

Support Staff

Instructional Coach Molly Bachrodt 303-982-8014 M[email protected]  
Gifted and Talented Coordinator Jenny Gilbert 303-982-9358 [email protected]  
MLL Teacher Danielle Askinazy 303-982-8350 [email protected]  
Special Education Ruth D'Amico   [email protected]  
Special Education Amanda Palm    [email protected]  
Social Worker Jeanne R.   [email protected]  
Speech and Language Denise Canonaco   [email protected]  
Occupational Therapy Olivia Waszczuk    [email protected]  
School Counselor Bryan Shipp 303-982-6152 [email protected]  website 
Instrumental Music Greg Clough
[email protected]  
Facilities Manager Josh Sanchez 303-982-8022 [email protected]
 District Registered Nurse Morgan Stroop 303-514-2629  [email protected]  

Front Office

Principal's Secretary Denise Simpson 303-982-8014 [email protected]  
Enrollment Secretary Sara McCloskey 303-982-8014 [email protected]  
Clinic Aide Roxanne Eddy 303-982-8014 [email protected]  

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