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Parmalee Elevates Social-Emotional Learning with Positive Emoji Day!
Posted on 01/09/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Parmalee Elevates Social-Emotional Learning with Positive Emoji Day!Parmalee celebrated a school-wide Positive Emoji Day as students focused on emotion management. Students wore brightly colored shirts and participated in fun emotion-management activities in their specials classes.

Students in music listened to music from famous composers and then drew in 4 different boxes to represent the feelings they felt while hearing the music. Students were so excited to take them home and show their parents!

Students in art experimented with emotional faces and identifying feelings - primary students drew a famous architects' buildings with faces on each of them and intermediate students used Design art in which the kids had to replicate, find and define emotions in their patterns.

Students in the library participated in improv games which required total concentration and observation of body and feelings to work together as a team.

In PE students played a giant game of memory using large emoji cards. Students paired up inside a hula hoop . On the signal, they went to the playing area and tried to make a match. If they were successful, they returned to their hoop with their cards and went again. If they were not successful, they did a specific exercise in "exercise alley" and then returned to the game.

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